“I think you will agree that life’s plans are not always tied up in neat little packages. Occasionally we find ourselves at unexpected crossroads with more than one opportunity from which to choose. Time itself is often the best indicator of which decision to make, for it can tell so many thing that are now hazy.” 
― Linda Lee ChaikinTomorrow’s Treasure

Like many of my clients, Nicole Willis had a dream and it was baffling her.  She states:  “For the last week or so I have had vivid dreams of my ex husband. I never dreamed of him when we were married. I am not sure if there is a a message. He killed himself December 2010. Any thoughts or wisdom would be greatly appreciated.”  After looking at her dream, I knew her ex husband had a role to play in the symbolism, however, much more prominent is the direction Nicole is going in her life.  Deep down she “knows” and this dream allows her to ask the right questions to guide Nicole on her path.  

What I did, in fact, was bring out the questions for her to ask herself in the next week or so. 

The Dream

Driving and my car literally flew off the road when I had gotten to a place where I had to choose which road to take. I was in unfamiliar territory but felt calm when I selected highway 495. Once I got onto the road it went uphill and my red car (sorta a suv type car) flew off the road and landed on a street.

I was sitting outside a brick house that I had never seen before and was on the phone with my sister Barbie. I felt like I knew where I was and as we talked I started driving down streets that I said out loud, “Ah, I know where I am!” And he was there next to me, my ex (who killed himself in 2010). I drove to this big open air market and found a parking spot. Went to get my ticket and the ticket thing just spit out hundreds of tickets. Some man came out of nowhere and yelled at me about keeping all of them and took all but 10 and told me to go.

We were wandering in this place that I had been before (i said this again in the dream) and we were looking for sushi and cigars.  

The Interpretation

Its feels like you are at a crossroads in your life. It may be a simple “crossroad” or a big one, but I feel this dream is guiding you.

Dreaming that you are driving usually represents your life’s path, or the path you have chosen for yourself. The car flying off the road, could represent a drastic change of plans, however it seems that you find an alternative route in your life which seems to serve you, even though you were in “unfamiliar territory”.

What is that “unfamiliar territory” Nicole? Have you found yourself lost lately, but quickly found your way again on that path?

However, since you are going “uphill” there seems to be a bit of a struggle.   You are driving a red SUV . Red usually represents “fire” or “anger” maybe even “passion”. The SUV, according to dreammoods.com may mean an “inner desire to deviate from the path” which seems to tie in perfectly.  You hold the key to the “deviation”.

Is there an “inner” desire for you to switch gears? I wonder? I think what is driving you is passion more than anger, however, the anger may be fueling the passion in a positive way when we channel our anger appropriately.

Sitting outside : sitting can mean “a break” indecision. You need to express yourself, and your desires. Which I think you do on the phone with your sister. Since she is so close to you , I feel your sister may represent that side of you who truly “knows herself” now even more than before.

Houses usually represent our “selves” inside the house is usually our “inner selves” since this house is make of brick, I wonder. Are you showing the “tough” exterior to your friends and maybe family, knowing quite well you are soft and mushy inside? Alternatively, are you trying to hide certain emotions from yourself?

The parking spot, seems to represent that “need” to sit down with those emotions, or choices you are trying to make. Having lots of tickets (permissions to do so) feels good, but then you are limited to 10. The number 10 may mean: corresponding “to closure, great strength and gains” .

The angry man = may represent every man who has hurt you or been angry with you for doing what pleases you.

Have you felt the need to “sit down” and bit and breathe? Do you have time for yourself?

  • Important message:  You know you’ve been at this place in your life before, I think you just need to peel back an extra layer, to dig up what is left.

The sushi may mean “raw emotions” this is probably the key to your dream you are looking for. You hold that key.

The cigars, in fact, may represent raw energy, and that raw energy is related to your X somehow. Either unmet feelings, or feelings which still live there. Or maybe something in your life now has brought up these feelings you have not experienced in a while, which need addressing.

In conclusion, Nicole, I think you have many of the answers within yourself.  On a side note, something I have not mentioned before, deceased often visit us in dreams to give messages, if your ex is still coming to you in your dreams, keep tabs.  I want to look into this further.

SIDENOTE:  While setting up this blog post, I was looking into Nicole’s links to her blog and twitter.  The first thing which caught my eye was her blog’s tag, and I quote:

Never afraid to try a different path!

I think it says it all!!

Receiving the love from Nicole!

Kim’s dream interpretation was spot on and such a gift. Not only did she take what seemed to be as bits of scattered details, she also dug deeper with insightful questions. This combined with her amazing abilities teased out the dream details and got deep into the heart of what I needed to see. This information provided me one more piece that moved me along my path of self discovery and personal transformation. I am not there yet as far as where I want to be but with this amazing insight I am able to make a better plan and understand feelings, stuck spots, and resistance.

Thanks Kim for such an amazing gift! 

Nicole Willis is always creating “enoughness”.

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