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Highly Effective Self-Love

flower bee

“Everything takes time. Bees have to move very fast to stay still.” 
― David Foster WallaceBrief Interviews With Hideous Men

*originally posted in June 2013*

I have been on a healing journey for just over 2 years. It is amazing how, in 21 days (of the self-love challenge, I am feeling the guilt for taking care of myself melt away from my brain like the wax from a burning candle.


What Do I Need? – Day 18 #40DaysOfSelfLove


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“Haven’t we all, as time continues, found that we must be kind to ourselves and listen to our thoughts, because fewer and fewer of those remain who know what is most real to us?” 
― Lan Samantha ChangHunger

I cannot believe we are almost half-way through the challenge! And I have already learned so much about myself.


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